I’ve decided as part of my blog I am going to do regular posts on supplements that I think are great beauty boosters. Keep your eye out for them!

The first supplement that I would like to feature is called Biosil. Essentially, it is a collagen booster. And why would you want to boost collagen levels? Let me explain.

Collagen makes up over a third of our bodies’ proteins and 75% of our bodies’ skin. It also supports the structure of our bones and joints. Collagen is responsible for our skin’s elasticity and plumpness as well as the beautiful shine in our hair. It gives us hard strong nails.


The sad reality is that by age 21, we are losing collagen at a steady rate. Until now, scientist have been searching for a way to help our bodies regenerate collagen. Biosil claims to have found a way to switch on our collagen-producing cells.

They claim that by only ingesting collagen (other collagen supplements) our bodies just use that collagen as a food source. However this supplement is different. Biosil is not MADE OF collagen. It makes you produce it. It is made of Ch-osa (choline-stabilized OrthoSilicic Acid) which turns on the fibroblasts that generate collagen.


So in a nutshell, that’s basically how it works. If you are interested you can head over to the site and read more.

Being in my thirties, my number one skincare concern is definitely premature aging. I started taking Biosil a few years ago based on product reviews and I’ve never looked back. There have been times when I’ve stopped taking it for short periods of time and I’ve noticed fine lines, and I IMMEDIATELY started taking it again.

I didn’t find it made my nails incredibly strong, but I noticed it more in my face and hair.

If you are interested in trying it, this is where I buy it. (use code NAQ098 for 10 dollars off your first order).

60 capsules are about 29 US Dollars which would last you a month if you took 2 per day.

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