Last June I was looking for the perfect gift for my husband. Something that he could use AND keep for a long time. So I was browsing Cult Beauty and came across this beautiful manicure set ( I secretly wanted to use it too). I don’t know how many pairs of tweezers I’ve thrown in the trash because they’ve become misaligned or how many toenail clippers I’ve gotten rid of because they were beginning to rust.

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The set comes with four pieces. The file is made of glass and has a curved handle which is really nice in the hand. The tweezers are made of surgical steel and are the same tweezers that Swiss watch makers use to assemble watches. The nail clippers are awesome!The handle takes a while to get the hang of, but they are super sharp and cut nicely. And last are the hand sharpened scissors. These pieces are made to last!

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My hubby loved it. However last week I walked in on him cutting his toenails with our OLD CLIPPERS. He sheepishly said that the new set was too precious to use! I had a chuckle over that one.

You can pick it up at Cult Beauty or at Rubis.

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