fiber boosted lashes

The world of everything eyelash has seen some dramatic innovations in the last couple of years! The first being the magical serums that make your eyelashes grow out of control. And the second one is fiber mascaras. Fiber mascaras are like little wigs for your eyelashes. And if you are like me and hate using falsies, then this is the perfect alternative.

Today I’m using Magnetic Lash by Santhilea, a London based company from the UK.

Magnetic Lash


It comes with two tubes. The longer tube is the mascara which is applied first. The second tube is the fiber, which is applied onto the mascara. You can build slowly to get crazy long full eyelashes. Finally, you add another coat of the mascara and you are done. I’ve just used one application, but you can build up the fibers if you want a very dramatic look.

How to apply magnetic lash

The first time I used it, my husband noticed immediately and asked if I was wearing fake eyelashes.
There was some fallout on my cheeks, so you have to be careful to coat the fibers well to prevent them from falling off later.
I have noticed a few other brands that don’t use the 3 step process and the fibers are built into the mascara. I’d love to try those out next time.

You can pick up Magnetic Lash here.

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