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Isn’t Etsy wonderful? I’ve been shopping there since 2011 and have picked up so many amazing and unique items – shoes, jackets, jewelry, incense, soap – even feathers for my hair. And the most amazing part of is that I get to support artists from all around the world in their crafts. I don’t mind spending a few extra dollars, knowing that the money is going directly to an artisan who takes pride in his or her craft.

So as part of my blog, I would like to showcase my favorite Etsy shops and products.

The first shop I would like to share with you is Mohop where I bought the MOST GORGEOUS sandals back in 2011.

Mohop was established in 2005 by an architect named Annie Mohaupt. She started out small, only selling on Etsy and as of late her brand has exploded out of Etsy and she now sells out of her own website as well. Mohop shoes are really one-of-a-kind; you can put different ribbons and tie them in various ways to create an infinite number of looks.

These are my first pair. In 2011, Annie was only selling high-end BESPOKE shoes custom made to your feet. These are a low wedge with a square toe comprised of solid cherry wood. They feature a padded footbed with a gold umbrella motif hand screenprinted on high-end 100% nylon espresso colored faux suede.

BESPOKE Cherry Wood Low Wedge
Medium green ribbon with a simple tying style
Alternate ribbon – largest width


They came beautifully wrapped with these lovely ribbons and cards that show you the different ways of tying them.




More recently Mohop added two more collections to their line of shoes. My first Mohops cost well over 300 dollars, so I was excited to hear that they would be offering more affordable alternatives. The first line is called Moped and they have a flexible sole. The second line is called Mokobo which is a Japanese inspired collection. They are both gorgeous but I opted for the high Mokobos.




Aren’t they stunning? And very comfortable for the height. They are much lighter in weight than my cherry-wood wedges and very quiet on the floor as well.

According to their website, this design takes inspiration from Japanese okobo, a distinctive wood-soled platform sandal worn by apprentice geisha. Like traditional okobo,  Mokobos are carved from solid blocks of light-colored wood and left with no finish so the wood will gain character with wear and age.

I love them because they look great with a dress and then you can also turn around and pair them with jeans for a more casual look. You can also put scarves in instead of ribbons and tie them all the way up your ankles for a bohemian look.


I just check Mohop’s homepage and found they are selling Mid Mokobos for less than 110 USD, so they are on sale right now!

Here are the links
Mohop Shoes on Etsy
Mophop Shoes (official site)

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